A ride on mower is a large investment for most people, with the cheapest costing hundreds of pounds. It would be a nightmare to get yours home, only to discover that it didn’t work as you’d hoped. We’re here to help you avoid that.

There’s a perfect ride on mower out there for you, and it’s our mission to help you find it. We understand that you’re not like the next person and that your ideal ride on mower might not be the same as your neighbour’s ideal mower.

We test the latest ride on mowers and review them based on how well they’ll serve you, depending on your specific needs. We look at:

Cut width: How wide an area it cuts at once, which effects how long you spend mowing.
How evenly it cuts: To give your grass a neat and professional finish.
Turning circle: Tight turns are especially useful for lawns that contain obstacles.
How it handles grass clippings: Whether it dumps the clippings back onto the lawn, bags them, or can mulch them.
Comfort features Cup holders, armrests, back-support, legroom, and more.
Cruise control: Whether the mower can cut long, straight stretches without you having to micromanage the steering wheel.
Price: Whether it performs well compared to others in its price range.

We work hard to give you unbiased reviews of ride on mowers, to save you time, money and energy. We hope you’ll let us take the hassle out of choosing yours.